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With what is going on in the world today, fear, doubt, and worry have forced their way into most homes, businesses, and governments. The financial burden many people are facing today is unbearable. The loss some people are experiencing ranges from life itself (or loss of a loved one) to a loss of supplies. The number of cases increases, and our future seems uncertain. With all the social distancing, we are encouraged to stay distant from each other.

The loneliness of isolation further deepens our sorrow. Our hearts long to be close to one another again, to touch and to hug. Each day can be difficult to get through. There is no definitive end in sight to what is going on. We’ve heard good news from some areas that reignites our hope. Later, we hear some of those same areas are in trouble again. Questions plague our minds. What will happen in the next two weeks? Two months? What if it goes on longer, what will happen then? Can we make it?

You have a choice. You can put your faith in politicians, and hope they take appropriate actions. One thing is for certain, they themselves will be taken care of. You can put your faith in people, although many things happening is beyond peoples’ control. Many are losing jobs or being laid off. You can put your faith in the media, who are treating this epidemic like a ninety percent off sale, grabbing all they can get their hands on, further spreading the mass production of fear and hopelessness. You can try everything under the sun and see them all fail to bring the peace your soul longs for. If in that moment, when life has you on your knees, in your hearts you can cry out to the one they call Immanuel (God with us).

People are quick to assert what God is or isn’t doing but let’s not forget that God is sovereign. He understands the end from the beginning. It is only we who are dumbfounded by what happens. Rather than focus on all that is wrong, I am believing in all that is right. I’ve witnessed numerous human beings accomplish amazing feats with little to work with. Think of a potter that turns a lump of worthless looking clay into a fashionable vase. Think of Michelangelo who spoke of the masterpiece that lay secretly inside a block of stone. There have been countless lives who have taken a total disaster and created something beautiful. Imagine what the creator of the universe can do.

I said countless, but I believe God has numbered every life. I believe that he works in and through us, both believers and nonbelievers to accomplish his purposes. He tugs at every human heart, to hear his voice and follow. We are also instructed to love one another. Not everyone follows and many will make the wrong choice not to love one another. Here’s the thing though; enough will. We likely won’t hear about it, but you will see it in action. A neighbor will check on their elderly neighbors to make sure they have what they need. Grown children will do what they can to provide for their aging parents who are scared to go out. Some places will even give away needed supplies in order to make sure everyone has enough. Friends and neighbors will sacrifice and share with one another. Medical personnel will put their own health and safety at risk to care for those who have been infected with this virus.

All the bad is screaming during this epidemic. However, if you listen for it, you will hear the whispers of the good. Good works tirelessly, outside the spotlight, and often in the shadows. Good brings life and light to the darkest of places. Don’t just witness the good. Be the good! Understand that strength is not given for tomorrow, nor for any time in the future. It is given only today. In other words, strength is given for today’s battles, not tomorrows. We will get through this, day by day.

Do what you can not to spread the virus. Do all that you can to spread love.

I’m praying for you all. God bless, take care.

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