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Winged Beast

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Sometimes I lie awake in bed at night and type notes for future blog posts on my phone. One night, I was writing, and it was pitch black in the room. My bright phone screen was the only source of light in the room and all the area surrounding was completely dark. The room was silent as well, with the exception of an air humidifier fan running in the background. I busily typed notes on my phone for another post. That was of course, until a dinosaur hopped on my screen. I fought the urge to throw my phone across the room.

An enormous mosquito landed on my screen and immediately taunted me. This winged beast had to have been at least a thousand years old and named in the legends of folklore. In a split second, I thought if this monster stings me, I could swell up like a hot-air balloon and die. I am telling you, I wanted to throw the phone so bad. However, at the prices of phones these days, the struggle to hold on did not last long. After I realized I would punch myself in the teeth if I broke my phone over a bug, I decided to do the next best thing. I threw the phone on the bed and ran.

I turned the light on and searched for my bug zapper. When I returned, do you think that sucker revealed itself again…. I don’t think so! I spoke to it like it could hear and understand. “So, you like light, huh? I got your light right here.” Thinking cleverly, a trap was set. I sat close by in the dark room and waited for the beast with an electric tennis racket in hand. All you have to do is hit the button and swing. It was not meant to send a love tap but a clear message. Stay far away from the crazy guy with the electric tennis racket. The phone was brightly lit playing a video as I listened. Not a single thing came near my screen again the rest of the night. Go figure.

We are repeatedly bothered by annoyances. Isn’t it funny how in a moment when we finally decide to do something about it, we discover what was buzzing around us no longer wants anything to do with us?

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