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Not Now

If we are honest with ourselves, this phrase comes out of our mouth all the time. We know something has to be done, but we do not like to say to ourselves, “I’m not going to do it”. That would make us feel guilty. Instead, we have cleverly […]

Kicking a Habit

Bad habits can be hard to overcome. On the other hand, creating new habits takes us out of our comfort zone. Despite the fact that some of our habits are destructive, we continue on with them like robots, not questioning why these tasks are being carried out. Remember, […]

Always Rushed?

Life is hectic. But how much of the rush is caused by our own decisions? After thinking about it, most of us can readily admit this is true. When you acknowledge and take responsibility for your decisions, you can identify things done on a regular basis that create […]

Where You Finish

It’s not where you start but where you finish that counts. Many people show up at the starting line. But at the end of a long race, few are at the finish line.  Through all the agony and suffering, these are those who refuse to quit. At the […]

Do Something

Time management, exercise, a healthy diet; all these are great goals to set. There are so many other goals which are also worthwhile to choose from. But that’s the thing, you have to choose them, on purpose. It’s not that we don’t know all this stuff already. So […]

What’s the Big Deal?

Quite possibly that’s a very serious question. It is dangerous because it implicates that something is not important. The trouble with that behavior is that it can run through an individual on pretty much every level within them. This does not mean that everything needs to be a […]

“Now” People

This world needs more “now people”. When an authority figure asks you to do something, when does it get done? Right away? Or do you dread doing the task and delay starting as long as possible? Why wait? Do it now! (Let every mother say amen!) Be a […]

Fork in the Road

What is it that separates us from the best things life has to offer? I’m convinced it’s mostly us. Yes, there are other hindrances along our path in life. However, we have the power to change so many things in our lives if we stay on course. Is […]


Appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had. Think back to all the times you have given a gift to someone. If they just let dirt pile up on it, how would it make you feel? What if you gave them a car and they threw […]

One of These Days

Do you ever find yourself saying “one of these days, im going to… ” If you continue putting things off, amazing opportunities will be missed. Take advantage while they are available because most doors will not stay open forever. Here are a few things to consider. Don’t wait […]