Tag: time management

No Free Time

We give such a substantial portion of ourselves to our careers, it leaves the other areas of our lives at risk. After giving so much of ourselves throughout the day, it is tempting to fall into the belief that we have nothing left to give of ourselves. Depending […]

Infamous Robber

  How can a crime of theft be repeatedly committed and yet the perpetrator never caught in all of history? This perp is always watching and waiting for its next victim. It has no face and thus cannot be identified. Even if it were caught, it has no […]

The Tissue Magician

I found out recently that I have a special gift; the uncanny ability to transform a small wad of tissues into a thousand pieces of mini tissues. No, I’m not really a magician. For those of you fortunate enough not to have left tissues in your jacket pocket […]

Always Rushed?

Life is hectic. But how much of the rush is caused by our own decisions? After thinking about it, most of us can readily admit this is true. When you acknowledge and take responsibility for your decisions, you can identify things done on a regular basis that create […]

Do Something

Time management, exercise, a healthy diet; all these are great goals to set. There are so many other goals which are also worthwhile to choose from. But that’s the thing, you have to choose them, on purpose. It’s not that we don’t know all this stuff already. So […]