See it, Do it

What’s your vision like these days? I don’t mean how small are the letters you can read. I mean, do you see things as they are or as they could be? Are you able to visualize something in your mind and turn it into a physical, tangible thing we can see, hear, smell, or touch?

If you can’t see it in your mind, you won’t see it with your eyes. Look around and see everything that surrounds you; it was once a vision in someone’s mind. They had to see it before the rest of us could see it. That’s how it works. Things do not just appear out of the blue. They come as a result of thought, and then equally important, action.

You vision will change over time. If not, perhaps you are not stretching yourself enough. When you were born, people made a big deal when you started walking. It was an accomplishment when you were finally able to walk without smashing your head on the coffee table. But by this stage in your life, you won’t get much applause for such a simple action. People expect more out of you. You’ve even come to expect more out of yourself. The more you stretch yourself, the more you will achieve over time. You will accomplish things you were once not able to see yourself doing. Keep growing and your vision will grow in proportion.

Your vision may not necessarily be shared by another. For this reason, communication can be hindered. It may be necessary for you to change the lenses with which you see things. See from the perspective of another person. When you do, it will help you understand them better. Then you can both work harmoniously to achieve better results for everyone.

The rest of the world awaits with eager anticipation for you to make your vision a reality. It’s easy to see things small because it takes little to no vision. We need people who are willing to see things beyond themselves, to reach beyond mediocrity. Along the way, be mindful of others. You don’t have to agree with them, but at least be respectful.

Stretch yourself, see it big, and do it!

Picture of Life


If you have been given the artistic ability to draw or paint, then you have the ability to create an image. The more you practice this ability, the better your creation will be. However, some people have the artistic ability of a goose. A goose would simply stomp it’s feet into the paint and tramp around while honking hysterically. Wings would flap wildly and everywhere feathers would stick to the paint. After a final moment of observation, the angry and disgusted goose would poop on his work and head south for the winter.

It’s true; not every picture of life is a masterpiece. Fortunately, in most cases, if the picture we created for our lives is not the way we want it to be, we have the power to change it. You can create your own picture of life, the way you truly want it.

Learn to see the big picture . We see mostly what is, but can you see what can be? Not everyone can see things in a big way because they don’t have the vision for it. This is where we must learn to see beyond what is visible to our eyes. Artists learn to see the vision from within themselves and learn how to transform that vision into a reality for the rest of the world to see.

Be careful where you get your ideas from. Who are you continually listening to? Are they challenging you to grow and achieve, or do they enable you to fail? There will be no shortage of people that will tell you how your life should be. However, they cannot create your picture the way you like. They don’t have access to the internal feedback when you know something isn’t right. The danger is that if you don’t take action to create your life’s picture, chances are you will be subject to living according to someone else’s picture for you.

Keep working hard until the picture you’ve envisioned in your mind matches the one others see in front of you. It takes time to create a masterpiece. How much more so when designing a life. Many people spend more time clipping their nails than they do planning their lives.

Dream big. See the picture clear in your mind, as if it were right in front of you. Build on it. Add to it the details that bring you fulfillment. Then one day, you will sit back and look at your masterpiece and smile. “Magnificent!”