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Inspired To Change

Change. It’s one word that is easy to say but hard to do. No matter how you go about it, knowing why you need to change is extremely important. Otherwise in the process, when the struggle grips tightly on to you, squeezing without mercy, it may feel as though it’s just not worth it. If the change doesn’t occur, those undergoing it will be pressured to let go. The moment change is let go, a person will slip back into the comfort of how things used to be. The shame is that unless one let’s go of how things used to be they cannot grab hold of all that could be.

So you are ready to change, but where should you start? It may not be glaringly obvious and in fact it may be overwhelming depending on how big a change that needs to occur. It is important to remember it doesn’t happen overnight. But get started! Start somewhere, it doesn’t always matter where. Newton’s law says you will stay where you are unless acted upon by another force. Instead of waiting for that force to come from the outside, let it come from within. Take action now. When you approach change a little at a time, they will add up to a major change in your life.

Sometimes change will be thrust upon us and we have no choice in the matter. However, we do have the choice of how we respond. It’s a good idea to manage our emotions during these transitional moments. When our emotions run high, we can make decisions that will not benefit others or ourselves. We say or do things that break trust and create emotional wounds that are difficult to heal. Sometimes we just need a little time alone to calm down and gather ourselves. As humans, we’ve been given an amazing ability to adapt to nearly anything, but the transition period can be very stressful.

With change comes intimidation. What was once normal, no longer is. Fear will try to arrest you in an effort to paralyze you. If you are going to move, it would rather you reach back and grab what once was. But just up ahead is something new, uncertain. What keeps us from stepping out is fear that what is ahead will not be as good as what lies behind. How can I let go? It’s been this way for so long. Understand that it takes courage to change. The fear may not leave, but it also doesn’t have to retain power over you. Fear is not capable of holding you back, it’s not strong enough. I never found much courage until I found Jesus. Change after change has come and gone. Through all the uncertainty of what lies ahead, I trust wholly that I will not face it alone. And that my friend, gives me power to change.

Has change been too difficult? It may seem that way, but realize if a single person before you has changed in a similar way, then you too can change. Many of us are given the same things to work with. Although there are variations, others with far less have done a lot more than we have. Don’t give up. Up until this moment, we have survived everything we have been through! The best news is, our story isn’t over. There is still time to create a better life. But we have to reach for it. Stretching is quite uncomfortable at times, but the more you do it, the more flexible you will become. Flexibility allows us to adapt to the changing circumstances life sends our way.

What are you waiting for, change!

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