Love Self

Fork in the Road

What is it that separates us from the best things life has to offer?

I’m convinced it’s mostly us. Yes, there are other hindrances along our path in life. However, we have the power to change so many things in our lives if we stay on course. Is success achievable? Yes, but think of it as a daily event rather than a destination. Once a success, always a success… said no one ever!

To win at life, we must consistently give our best efforts. Part of achieving lofty aims is to be a student of life. Many obstacles will clutter your path. Some people may help while others will hinder your path. But in the end, the result always ends with us. Things will always happen, whether it be of our own making or someone else’s. What we will do about it?

Life can be difficult and at times unbearable. Through all the struggles, challenges, and hardships we face, a fork in the road lies forever in front of us. Will we take the path to overcome adversity and rise to victory? Or… Or nothing!

Rise to the challenge. Be the best person you could have ever imagined yourself being. I once heard some great advice, which was to be a version of yourself that a younger version of you could look up to and say, “I want to be that guy!” Or “I want to be that girl”.

It will not be easy. Much effort goes into a successful life, but the rewards are well worth the price that is paid. Not just in houses, cars, land, fame, or fortune. The reward you get when looking in the mirror and knowing you gave it your all is something that all the money in the world cannot buy. You will come to realize that it doesn’t take any of these things to add value to you. Sure, they add value to your life, but they are not your life.

You are what you make of yourself. God gives us the basic ingredients when we start out this life of ours. Where we take it from there is on us. There are many who will help us along the way. There are tons of resources with which we can use to better ourselves. But when all the dust settles, and our lives are over, there will be a string of events tied to circumstances and situations. At the root of everyone is the fork in the road.

Choose the path that leads to life!

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