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Kicking a Habit


Bad habits can be hard to overcome. On the other hand, creating new habits takes us out of our comfort zone. Despite the fact that some of our habits are destructive, we continue on with them like robots, not questioning why these tasks are being carried out. Remember, this is your life! You get to decide which habits stay and which should go. Here are some things you can do to help get away from an old habit.

1. Let your words work for you, not against you. If someone talked to you the way you sometimes talk to yourself, you’d be very upset with them. So why do we say some of the most degrading things to ourselves? Learn to encourage yourself because others may not give you any encouragement. The words you speak to yourself should build you up, not tear you down.

2. Replace your old habit with a new one. It’s not enough to get rid of an old habit. You must find something to replace that empty place in your life. We are all creatures of habit and continually make new habits or carry out old ones. So when you want to get rid of some activity, do a new one often enough to replace the old one. Make sure the new one is one you truly wish to adopt, or you will be fighting with it one day.

3. Don’t quit. If at any point you give in to your old habit, don’t beat yourself up. Recognize it as a mistake and forgive yourself. Move on. You might be tempted to restart the clock. Don’t! You’ve already made it this far. Just get through the rest of this day and keep counting. Celebrate that you’re sticking to your goal. The number really doesn’t matter. It’s the lifestyle without the old habit that counts.

Always speak words that bring life. Don’t be overly critical of your efforts in a judgmental way. Be your biggest supporter. Even if you stumble and fall, pick yourself back up. You can do this!

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