Love God

Not by Choice


Things happen in life in ways that we do not approve. We aren’t always given the choice in how things go. When stuff happens, the only thing we have control of is how we choose to see the situation. Will you be angry, bitter, and resentful? Why me? I am a good person… why? The more you remain focused on questions like that, the longer you remain trapped in a prison.

Study the events or circumstances that led up to the situation. Learn from what happened. Some things may have been avoidable. Other times, they may not be. But do take corrective action to prevent a future occurrence from happening.

With wisdom, we learn how to prevent some things from ever happening. But wisdom must be sought after because it will not chase us down. It usually comes with a price, which is the sacrifice of giving up that time doing something else. But, sometimes paying a small price today can prevent us from paying a much greater price later on.

No matter what happened, forgive yourself and others. Do it now. Even if it was your fault, let it go. You don’t need ten reasons to punish yourself or others. All you need is one great reason to forgive. Can you find a reason? Mine is because I believe God loves us unconditionally. When I found out that He forgave me for all I did, the little things pale in comparison. Christ’s love is so strong it pushes out every reason to hold on to unforgiveness.

When you fall, rise up. It may take a while to recover. So what. What is the alternative? Most people that are suffering do not need our pity. It’s true, they may want it. But what they actually need is to see that we care about them and support them through the tough times. You may not have asked for your current set of circumstances, but now you have them. What are you going to do about it?

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