Love Self

You Can’t Do That!


Has anyone ever said these words to you? They have been said countlessly through time, only to be proven wrong by someone who dared to believe the impossible. I’m talking about a belief that resounds inside someone so strong that it lunges them past what others thought they could achieve. Many feats have been accomplished because people pushed past fears, doubts, and excuses.

Many people will tell you it cannot be done; that it’s not possible. Anyone who has succeeded in a worthwhile endeavor met resistance along the way. People think they are acting in a helpful manner to save you from disappointment. What they neglect to consider is that it tends to have the opposite effect. They may be genuine in their concern but don’t let their words hinder you from achieving your goals.

Find others who have succeeded and study their lives and habits. When you realize something was possible for another, it opens up the possibility that it may work for you also. It does not have to be success the same way. Sometimes just surrounding yourself with people thinking in the same direction helps push you along, like the current of a river.

Think bigger than you have before. So much has been accomplished because people endured to the end. They went beyond where others quit. They did not allow themselves the luxury of quitting. The fruit of their efforts made life easier and more enjoyable for each of us.

When things seem impossible, remember a long history of people who faced similar barriers. Many did not stop at these “insurmountable” obstacles. They pushed onward to better things that have benefited the lives of countless individuals and communities. So should we.

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