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Cookie Thief

Over the last few months, I’ve tried to cut back on sweets. During a recent trip to the grocery store, my heart was stirred once more by a timeless love. It called to me from many rows back, midway down a narrow aisle. The call came from none other than a package of chocolate chip cookies. Who am I not to answer the call of love?

Later at home, I grabbed my pack of cookies from the cupboard. What’s this, I ask with a raised eyebrow, growing suspicious. Feels a little light. Did some guy come by and have himself a cookie? Did you think we wouldn’t notice it missing? You are wrong sir!

I gently ran my fingers across the outside of the package, and down each row. Without actually counting, I could just tell they were different in number. I didn’t count because I couldn’t handle the truth that perhaps someone had robbed of me of a cookie. Who would steal a cookie? A cookie thief, that’s who.

While stuck on my imaginary delusions of false thievery, I couldn’t help but think about things I should really be concerned with. Would the loss of a cookie make much difference in the grand scheme of things? Apart from my waste line, no. In fact, I could use a few less cookies overall, among other things. Why do I not get more upset over what really matters? Things like losing time. Excessive television, worrying over something out of my control, or any number of things can contribute to my loss of time daily. Yet where is the outrage? Yes, I am embarrassed to admit it lies wrapped up over a dumb, possibly stolen cookie. By the way, if I’m not really delusional and there really happens to be a true cookie thief, please stop. It’s not too late to give up that life decision. Every cookie matters and is counted a priceless treasure.

So what’s eating at you? It’s probably not a missing cookie. But maybe there is something which cries out for your attention. While its voice cries loudly, do not always accept it as a priority by matter of insistence. Leave no stone unturned in your search for what truly matters in life.

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