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Or, live picking up the broken pieces of a life filled with lies. Most of us have lied at one point or another. The list of reasons we lie is a lengthy one. We even justify to ourselves that our reason for lying is a good one and by that logic, it is acceptable. No matter whether you dress it up or see it for what it is, a lie is a lie. Has someone ever lied to you? If so, how do you know they were lying? Let’s say they were lying, and you caught them in the act, the first time they ever lied to you since you met each other. That simple act was then written in your mind, and they were labeled as a liar. Sometimes it is difficult if not impossible to come back from lies.

Depending on the severity of the lie, you may forgive the person and try to move on from it. However, the haunting question will repeatedly come up, can I trust them? Are they lying to me about this too? They can try with all their might to prove to you that they are trustworthy, but you make them work hard to earn back your trust. Rightfully so, as no one wants to be lied to. It makes the one being lied to feel incredibly stupid for believing in the person who lied. Its not so much believing in the lie, but no longer believing in the person who told the lie that shatters us.

Enough with the lying! Give up this habit if you do it. Don’t settle for less. Start living in truth. It seems harder and it can be at times, but it is easier to manage what you have said when you don’t have to go back through a tangled web of deception. By telling the truth, you free yourself from carrying a burden. Relationships will become better because they are based on honesty. When you become a person of integrity, there will be no questions from those who know you well. Strangers may ask if you are the type to get the job done? Those who know you well will vouch for you when you live right, when your actions back up your words.  

Even while living an honest life, at times there may be attacks on your character. People may come against you and accuse you of not being truthful. When every area of your life demonstrates integrity, it will become clear later that the rumors were false. Your integrity will leave you standing with your head held high, unrattled by them. You won’t even have to defend yourself!

Imagine how good it would be to receive compliments about how much you can be counted on! Even when no one says a single word to you, it will be worth it for yourself. When you are getting ready for bed at night and look in the mirror, there is a certain feeling you get. As you look into your own eyes, right into the depths of your own soul and see a truthful person staring back at you. All the lies in the world added all together cannot replace this one single feeling of joy that comes from living a truthful life. If your word has never meant much, it’s time to make a change. Let your word be as good as gold. It’s as good as gold because you can always count on it. No matter what the conditions are, it always has significant value. Let your word be valuable. Let your word be true.

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