Love Self

Infamous Robber

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How can a crime of theft be repeatedly committed and yet the perpetrator never caught in all of history? This perp is always watching and waiting for its next victim. It has no face and thus cannot be identified. Even if it were caught, it has no body to put in prison. Therefore, it cannot be punished. It treats each of us alike, having no favorites. If you’re not careful, it will rob you of everything. Unfortunately, far too many are victimized because they did not recognize they were even being robbed.

It, is time. It will not be trapped, and nothing can stop it. You cannot save it up to be used later. It is one of the most powerful gifts that is completely free to everyone, yet too few learn how to make the most of it. It boasts that it is beyond control and fights viciously to keep its power over people. Yet the greatest weakness over us, is us. We have the power to master our time. We cannot stop it, but it is our choice how we use it.

When you keep telling yourself that one day you will do something, during the daily routine, life will slip away. Time has so much practice, no wonder it is so good at passing us by. We spend far too much time looking forward to the weekend, the next paycheck, and the next vacation. We eagerly anticipate the joy to come. Each day passes by during that anticipation. Before we know it, weeks, even months have passed. One holiday leads to the next. Before long, an entire year has gone by. Then several years.

If you’ve lived long enough, you start looking back over all those years, and wonder where it all went. Did you go to places you wanted to go? Did you do the things you wanted to do? Did you have an impact on the lives of others? If the answers are not what you want, then change it. Be wary of the excuse that is too late to change anything. It is understandable it may be too late for certain things. If a loved one has already passed on, then it’s true that the lost time cannot be made up. However, could you change your focus to someone else? Perhaps you could honor that person you miss somehow by blessing another person in their place. These days it seems there is not enough love to go around. Each of us holds the key to unlock the door to love.

It does not matter whether a person deserves love or not, the more love we give to one another, the greater the capacity for us to receive love becomes. It might not return from the same person but what goes around comes around. Do not let procrastination keep you from living a better life. Start now. Change, even if it is small. Every step you take toward what you want, is like it takes a step toward you. Time cannot wait, act now. Live your life on purpose. Time will not wait on you.


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