Love God

Misplaced Faith

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We tend to put our faith in all kinds of things and even in people. When things don’t work out the way we planned for them to, it can be devastating. It leaves us feeling empty and hopeless. It makes sense for us to feel this way. After all, we may have placed it all on the line. Our hopes. Our dreams. So, when things don’t work out exactly the way we think they should, it feels like we should just give up.

That is a hard way to live. After all, things are constantly changing. Newer opportunities can come in a moment’s notice. People tend to think that their employer or potential employer is they only thing between them and being provided for. With today’s economy and its difficulties, many are finding this to be unreliable. Many employers don’t keep people employed for life like they used to, although some still try. The truth is, it’s tough to compete in the global marketplace. They may do everything in their power to try and keep everyone. But they must protect the company too or else all the employees will lose. Then again, sometimes it’s just about the money. Whatever happens, there is no doubt we cannot solely rely on any organization for our wellbeing.

Some choose to rely on people. A husband, a wife, a friend. It’s not to say you cannot count on them. Friends leave. Tragically, many couples are splitting up for a multitude of reasons. One of the big ones is because they don’t find themselves happy anymore. With everyone out to pursue their own happiness, watch out if you get in their way. We all have a selfish desire to take care of ourselves. But when we look out solely for ourselves, we tend to step over others or worse, on them. Friends can be the same way. If you stop doing something for them, they are quick to let you go. If you happen to come between people and what they think will bring them happiness, you will soon find out where you stand. Don’t be surprised if it’s not next to you.

Is there a better way to live than always relying on our constantly changing minds? To me there is. Instead of putting my faith in some thing or in people, I put it in God. Does that mean everything went right from that point on? Certainly not. After living this way for years since, I’ve never once questioned whether God existed, even during a time when my heart was broken as never before. All my hope for a bright future was gone. My faith was shaken. Family and friends expressed their sympathy but did not know how to help.

Much like a delicate piece of glassware shattered into hundreds of pieces, who could put it all back together – the broken remains of this fragile life? Yet, piece by piece, I stood witness to the love that put it all back together. I was loved through it all by a love that did not leave me. In fact, I had to be chased down at times. Though I kicked and fussed, this love did not abandon me.

The faith I had was tested and made stronger than I thought possible. The hope I lost was made new again. If you would have asked me if this outcome were possible, I would’ve have told you not a chance in you know where. But as grace would have it, my chances are not found in that place. My chances are found in the loving hands of my Creator – in whom I now place all my faith, all my hope, and all my love. God is love, 1 John:7-16.

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