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A Change of Mind

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If you have convinced yourself change is not possible, perhaps it time to change the way you think. Changing how you think can steer your life in a new direction, which will take you to a different place than where you are. Life is too short to fill up with more negative experiences. They suck anyway, why add more? Instead, why not change the way you see things? Start to see things in a positive light.

Give yourself reasons to smile more often. Look around and you will see that adults don’t laugh or smile nearly as much as children. It’s because we let the cares of this life get to us. We focus on many of the wrong things. I’m not saying to disregard everything. But don’t let things consume your thoughts to the point that they rule your life. Your brain is a tool; your tool. Don’t let it work against you. If your computer were to start mixing up words and images all over the screen, you would immediately recognize something was wrong and take steps to correct it. Yet when our thoughts race repetitively through our mind, we don’t stop and recognize that something is not right.

Think about security guards for a moment. Why do we have them at airports, events, and places of business? Many are placed at entrances to keep unwanted visitors out and to make sure nothing leaves the property that was not meant to. What happens when things get out of control? Security jumps in and takes control of the situation and brings things back to order.

In like fashion, not every thought that enters our mind is worth entertaining. People will say hateful things. Sometimes you will have the thought to be disrespectful toward yourself. If you read any comments online, you will find some of the most hateful things ever written in history. In cases like these, you need to take control of the situation. Grab hold of those thoughts and throw them out of your mind. Replace them with something more powerful, more vibrant and filled with life.

Be mindful of the words you choose to speak to others. We have all said things we regretted saying. Once the words are out of your mouth, they can never be taken back. Our words are so powerful. Some words said, especially by those close to us, seem to cut right into our soul. Yet, other more powerful words are said that rescue us from despair. Use your words to change your mind. Change your mind to change your life. It all begins with you!

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