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Behold, Life Sucketh

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It’s been many years since I read Shakespeare. Without fact checking, I am going to guess the subject line is in one of his writings. If not, I will write to his people and suggest they add it. I don’t feel like that often but sometimes all the optimism and positive thinking I can muster up still doesn’t quite cut it. People use the saying, “when it rains, it pours!” I can’t stand that saying and try not to say it. In fact, I try to stay away from most negative dialogue as much as possible.

But… some days! If all your days are awesome, then those short words as a sentence won’t mean anything to you. If once in a while though, you are at your wits end, then you probably have said those exact words, followed by a sigh or nod of the head. Of course, there are all sorts of words that can follow it as well, but I will purposefully omit those here.

Let’s face it, sometimes life just sucks. At times, it can get so bad that we want it all to stop. For some, that means they are considering taking their lives. Please, never consider this option! For others, it might mean finding a means of coping with life, which often ends in substance abuse. Since all our experiences are not the same, it is unfair to judge one another for how we choose to cope with life. Perhaps had we been through the same things the same way, our choices might not be the greatest either. Who knows, ours might have been worse!

Through all the struggles and blessings in life, many people would agree that we experience a vast range between the two. How much you open yourself up to life will determine how high your highs get and how low your lows get. For the majority of people, life is pretty balanced somewhere in between. But when tragedy hits, we dip into the lows. The important thing is that we don’t stay there. When something great happens like graduating or marriage, we try to stay in that high for as long as we can. The trouble is, the highs of life are like a balloon filled with helium. Eventually, it’s going to come back down. Recognize that most days fall in between the two extremes.

What is also important to remember is that life is seasonal. In the same way we go through winter, spring, summer and fall, in life we will go through different seasons. Some seasons will be amazing, filled with life and laughter. Others will be harsh and cold, during times of loss or like in school between grades 1 through 12! Know that the seasons of life never last. At times, things can look grimmer and darker than ever before.

As hard as it is, if you wait long enough, you will see that things change. In other words, behold, life doesn’t always sucketh. Hang in there, friend. Get through the tough times because brighter days are ahead!

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