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Winning is Strategic

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There are exceptions where someone can win without even trying but that is usually in games of chance. In the game of life, you need a strategy in order to win. Sports are filled with opposing teams who study each other, as well as themselves, trying to figure out the perfect way to beat their opponents. For some reason, the majority of people outside of sports never stop to plan anything. Some get wrapped up in sports where competition thrives but themselves go out haphazardly, only to fail in their lives and careers. Enough certainly has been written on the subject of goals and planning, but still we often fail to do either.

In life, people seldom stumble into success. It takes preparation, discipline, effort, and other habits practiced daily to get the most you want out of life. It takes learning to let go of destructive ways of thinking and replacing them with a positive mindset. In other words, thinking like a winner. If already defeated before leaving the gate, the chance of success diminishes. Take an assessment of yourself. A winner knows their strengths and continues to strengthen them. They also know their weaknesses and work to improve them. Not all weaknesses can be eliminated but that doesn’t mean one should give up. Recognize limitations but realize that over time, when we stretch ourselves, we can do things we once thought impossible.

If our dreams are big enough, they appear overwhelming from a distance. But a closer look will reveal the smaller details that make up tremendous success. Greatness seldom happens overnight but is achieved through small, consistent effort. When repeated, each step builds on top of another. Every small goal works in the same direction as the larger goal. Without small steps, it would be nearly impossible to achieve anything.

Still, a thousand small steps in the wrong direction will take you no closer to what you desire. One of the best ways to develop a winning strategy is to study those who have already done what it is you wish to do. Doing the right thing at the right time can bring you closer to the life you want to create for yourself. It will undoubtedly take you time to develop a winning strategy for your life. But what is the alternative, spending no time at all on it? This is your life! This may be the only chance of doing it right. Don’t throw it away; you deserve better!

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