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True greatness does not ask for the title, it just becomes so, often in the midst of conflict and pain. It takes a lot to stay on the path of success. With countless opportunities to run from adversity, far too few of us stick it out until the end. For those who do, a reward lies on the other side. Some seek greatness for glory, fame, or riches. While that pursuit has its own rewards, they are not to be measured with the same scale as those who pursue the betterment of life for everyone.

Search the countryside and you will find monuments erected in honor of someone’s achievements. This is not to say that every act of greatness ends in a statue of yourself and how wonderful you are. But then again, the monuments are usually erected long after one passes from this life. National parks all across the U.S. work to preserve some of these monuments to commemorate a person or group of people. Their actions, whether they be generosity, heroism, or a monumental achievement will long be remembered in history.

Not all monuments to honor greatness will be seen in this life. For some, they will never know the effects they’ve had on others. If you’ve had a positive impact on another, I doubt you will ever worry about having a monument erected to celebrate this fact. If it was a negative impact, you likely won’t want to know the effects you’ve had on others. Either way the legacy you leave behind will live on, whether it be one of greatness or the lack thereof.

We tend to think of greatness as making a huge, out-of-this-world contribution. However, greatness can also be revealed long after the consistent efforts of small, seemingly unimportant things. This everlasting impact isn’t seen in the mundane and trivial matters. It is contained in the broad spectrum from the start to finish of one’s life. To become a great father, you cannot do it simply by being there during the moment of conception. A great mother loves her children even when they do not deserve it. A great boss manages their people well and stands up for them when the chips are down. A great friend can be more loyal than a brother.

Even if a person spends the majority of their life living the wrong kind of lifestyle, it doesn’t mean they have to go out like that. It’s never too late to change how you will be remembered!

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