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Learn to be Human

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One could argue that we are all born human beings so that makes us human automatically. True. But it is also true that some humans act in the most inhumane ways, which is why I say we must learn to be human. There is an inner struggle between us and the better version of ourselves we were intended to become. We must see the inherent value that is within every individual.

A challenge children must learn how to deal with is power. In the right hands, power can be used to create and further society’s progress. In the wrong hands, power manipulates and destroys. It can hurt people. Part of helping them understand is to look at examples in history with them. There are plenty to choose from but don’t show one side only. Show both the good and the bad so they have a balanced understanding of what to do or not do.

They must be taught that they are capable of either one. Once they acknowledge this to be true, they must be convinced not to misuse their power against another person. If they fail to recognize this, their path may lead to the abuse of that power. An example of this is when a young child takes a toy that belongs to another child. Just because they want the toy for themselves is not a valid reason for them to take it from another. When they wield their power like that over another, they will grow up continuing to abuse that power to their benefit.

The difficulties in life either shape us into a better human being or can potentially strip away our humanity. It is hard learning not to retaliate when someone hurts us. But if the choice is made to return evil for evil, more evil is likely to follow. It starts the process of stripping away that which is good about us and makes us more like the one acting in an inhumane way. Don’t fall into that trap. Think about what it means to be human. A good first step – learn to love.

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