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Sometimes the moment we wake up from sleep, it just feels like it’s going to be “one of those days”. It can be a stub of the toe or finding out you do not have anything to eat for breakfast. But there are days when it’s hard to tell exactly what is wrong, meaning we can’t find anything. That makes no sense! If asked what is wrong, we usually don’t have an answer. What we are confident of, is that we just want to be left alone!

I call this feeling, the funk. At times it’s hard to get out of the funk. It’s sort of a mild state of depression. Sometimes it hangs around, visiting only for a day. After the day ends, we have a good night’s sleep. Then a new day comes, and the funk goes away. Other times, it can last a few days, even a week. If enough junk piles up in our lives, it can make it more difficult to escape this feeling. When it’s hard to escape, I do things that will upset the scales in my favor. Part of this is by learning to think stronger than my feelings. If negativity is all our mind focuses on, it’s no wonder escape is difficult. In loathing ourselves or others, our mind keeps us locked in a self-imposed prison. We are the jailer, holding the key to freedom but choosing not to open the door to our cell.

This is when it’s time to upset the balance. Sometimes a quick mental adjustment is all that is required to get our feelings back on track. If it takes more to offset the feelings, then simply add more good stuff into the mix! Listen to healthy doses of educational messages that inspire and motivate. In essence, it is sort of like brainwashing yourself to get rid of the junk cluttering your mind. Fill yourself up with enough of the right stuff and it will displace the junk, forcing it out. How strong your feelings are may determine how much needs to be added. Remember, feelings are always temporary, regardless of whether they are good or bad.

More recently, I started even talking to myself out loud. Of course, it’s when no one else is around, I’m not that bold yet! As a calm, quiet person when I start speaking sternly to myself, my ears listen. Something inside straightens up my spine and suddenly my feelings start to change. There is definitely something to this and I will keep investigating.

Find a way that works for you to get out of the funk. Think stronger than your feelings!

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