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What’s Your Problem

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Sometimes we focus solely on the problems of life. It’s the easiest thing to cover up what is actually wrong when it comes to problem solving. Sure, there are a tremendous number of problems that have and are being solved. But what about the problems that are not so easily fixed. In these cases, it might not be about fixing our problem at all. It may involve fixing our thinking about the problem.

It helps if you start with an outsider’s perspective. It doesn’t have to be another person, if of course, you are able to maintain a third-party perspective. Oversee yourself and your actions. Any time a fresh set of eyes takes a look at the problem, they are often able to come up with innovative ideas that may solve it. They may even be able to spot how to fix the problem, not by fixing the problem but by fixing you.

Problems come in all shapes and sizes, showing no favorites to anyone. The trouble with trying to solve them is that there are always surface solutions that appear to resolve the problem. It is like a daredevil putting a bandage on a wound. It may help this one time to do that but if they really want to not get hurt again, then it would be wise to choose an alternative lifestyle. One must begin at the root of the problem. If it is not uprooted, the problem will remain. Think of it like pulling the top of a weed; it will always grow back.

Some problems are tricky and disguise themselves as something else altogether. That is why we must investigate further, digging deep down to find its roots. It might mean investigating what is going on inside a person, rather than looking at what is external to them. For those struggling with vices, they wrestle with the urge to give in repeatedly. During the times they wish to quit, they expose themselves to the very thing they want to be separated from by being around others who do it. Doing this puts them at more risk than if they had just separated themselves from it.

If a person struggles with alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, it would be wise of them to avoid being around these substances. If you cannot control yourself around cookies, avoid being near them. Try not bringing the stuff home! Wouldn’t you know, I never ate snacks that weren’t in my home to begin with. But every time I brought a pile home from the store, wouldn’t you know my will power went right out the window!

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