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For all that you have been given, what have you given in return? So many things are taken for granted. If we were to create a list of everything we received, both tangible and intangible, the list could be quite a long one. Tangible things include shelter, a bed, clothing, food, and anything else manifested in physical form. For intangible things include things like encouragement, honor, respect, praise, and other things that affect us emotionally and mentally. Take ten minutes and see how many you could come up with. I already know you won’t but humor me!

Revisit the opening question, for all that you have been given, what have you given in return? Break down the question further. Imagine you are working with a balancing scale. On the left side, is all that you’ve received. On the right is all you gave out in time, energy, and labor. Which side weighs more or are they balanced?

Life gives. We take. That is how our life on earth begins. Add to that, we are given a lengthy period to be the continual recipient of charity; for some children, until adulthood arrives. Eventually though, as parents age, they notice differences in their health and energy levels. It’s not the same as it was before they had children. Life begins to take a toll on them. Stress builds with time pressures and finances. Their energy is depleted. Meanwhile they watch their children grow up, possibly involved with sports, full of life and energy. The monumental day comes, and the student finally makes it across the stage as a graduate. Much of the education they received up to this point was to teach them what to think, not necessarily how to think for themselves.

A sudden expectation arises from the parents that may totally catch the young person off guard. It becomes time to start giving back. They hear the following sentences; if repeated enough, expressed loudly or with profanity. Get off the couch! Get a job! Pay your own bills! So begins the wonderful, twisted world of job life for them. How do you get a job? First, get experience. Oh okay, how do you get experience? Get a job! Wait, what? Many of us have been there. The point is, you have to start somewhere, doing something. It doesn’t have to be long term, nor glorious. Once you get the ball rolling, it is easier to keep it moving on from there.

You are rewarded for what you give. It may not be in the timing you want it to be, but if you stay putting in effort, eventually it will pay off. Many people who work for employers often claim they would do more if they got paid more. If you follow the success principles of so many who have preceded us, they will say the opposite. First do more, then receive more. Who wants to hire someone who only does the bare minimum and shows no interest in proving themselves first? No, employers want to see a good attitude, effort, and initiative. A strong work ethic always crushes a weak one.

If you are just starting out in the game, welcome to job life!

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