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A Life of Excellence, part 4

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It’s one of the most complicated systems we’ve encountered so far, yet very few cherish it. The human body. After it is cut, it stitches itself back together. When injured in various other ways, it heals itself. It’s been a marvel of science since the beginning and continues to astonish today. There is still no end in sight of the wonder of this masterful creation. To take it one step further, the miraculous start of this life begins by the joining of two microscopic components.

Only when good health is gone does one realize what it means to have it. Before that point, we neglect to be grateful for what we have been given. Our subconscious minds handle all the routine tasks that we never consider throughout the day. Our hearts pump blood, every minute of our entire lifetime. Think about how many water or fuel pumps on a car that would get replaced long before then. Scientists and engineers try to create new devices that mimic nature in some way, but the bar has been set high for them! Other organs have responsibilities also; it’s truly remarkable all that goes on inside the human body.

There is something we understand yet fail to grasp. We know what we ought to do, yet still make poor choices regarding the maintenance of these finely tuned pieces of equipment we live in. Try to buy a new body. You can’t! This is the only one you have! It doesn’t matter if you have half the money in the world, it’s something money cannot buy. We let life get the best of us, thinking that one day, we will change our unhealthy habits. Our minds are probably sick of us feeding them these lies, it’s a wonder they don’t get a better control on the bodies that envelope them.

Certain responses in the brain trigger the release of chemicals already inside our body. But there are external sources of chemicals that pour in from outside our bodies. All these chemicals change the way we experience emotions and perceive our present reality. The chemicals do not actually change the facts, only our perception of them. Name any substance and I bet it is being abused by someone. We all know the common vices, but people have found ways to abuse just about anything.

In our struggle to deal with life, we have turned to practically anything for help. Anything to drown out the pain. Anything to make our present reality go away, even if only for a while. The results of some of these decisions leads to a host of new troubles that plague our lives. In regard to the human body, the effects can be catastrophic and even fatal. Even though many have been blessed with this masterful self-healing creation, they treat it like a piece of free yard sale luggage. Since it didn’t cost anything, they’ll put whatever contents they want in it. Never mind if it smells or is toxic. Even though they pack the luggage full, they still cram more inside. I’d love to say I was talking about what others do but I do all these things! The important thing is I am learning and trying to do better.

It is easy to take good health for granted. But if you want to live a life of excellence in health, you have to start today to say no to some things and yes to others. I’ll bet you know what falls into each category. Remember, when you take care of your body, it will help take care of you.

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