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A Life of Excellence, part 7

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Good business leaders all over the world have worked tirelessly to create excellence in business. They have created systems with which to serve their clients’ needs and have been richly rewarded for their efforts in the process. Many of these ideas have been franchised, creating opportunities for other business leaders to buy into their system. By following guidelines, the new business owners are given a wonderful opportunity for success.

Think about the power of branding and marketing. There are so many businesses to name, but I won’t single them out because they change based on location. But chances are high when I go through the next few lines, something will jump out in your mind. These are topics, but there are businesses who strived to become the best in these areas business. When I say let’s go for pizza, what is the name of the first business that comes to mind? To us, they are “the pizza people.” When someone asks you out for coffee, where do you immediately think to go? Those are “the coffee people.” How about where to go eat a good steak? How about seafood? Chances are high that there is a place that always comes to mind and it may vary between individuals because we all have different taste. Restaurants have flooded the market to the point there are not enough people to eat in them. Stores have risen, some lasting decades, some disappearing overnight.

It doesn’t have to be solely about food and stores themselves. Think of the products of companies that excel at creating cell phones, computers, and televisions. Many consumers are so attached to certain brands that they are repeat buyers. Consumers are loyal to the companies that give them the products and services they desire. These businesses work with such passion and commitment that they build great products for years, and even decades. The flipside of all this is that many companies have disappeared. I cannot say they did not do their best. However, business is tough, and competition is high. It does lend to the idea that a business must be committed to excellence in this global economy.

Loyalty is not what it used to be, but in some circles, it still is. Many businesses excel at something so much that we repeatedly go to them. They may add other products but only as matter of convenience to the consumer. If they ever lose focus on their bestselling product, it will not go unnoticed. Consumers deserve the best products and services. When companies work to give them that, it creates a powerful brand that brings the customer back every time.

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