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Seeing is Believing

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Many times, we have said, “I will believe it when I see it.” That statement is overwhelmingly true. There is a struggle between two sides. The majority are those who choose to only believe something when they can physically see it with their eyes. The few are those who can see it in their minds, long before it could ever be seen with their eyes. We should not hastily judge those who cannot see things. We all have those “ah-hah!” moments when we finally see things, either as they are or how they could be.

Anything a person ever created with their hands started out as a thought in their mind. From there, it was formed into an image of the desired result pulled from their imagination. In construction, a builder does not just show up and start pounding nails into boards. First, they must start with plans. What is the building supposed to look like? What must be done to make it structurally sound, so it will not collapse on those inside it? These questions and many more are asked long before buildings go up. The architect works off their vision or even the vision of the end customer to formulate a building plan. From there, they pass off those plans to the builder, who carry out the vision, turning what was once a picture in someone’s mind into a reality seen in the physical realm with one’s eyes. Realize that it all started out as a vision in someone’s mind.

Look around at nearly anything, whether it be houses, buildings, bridges, all sorts of inventions and you will find the physical manifestations of thoughts. Invisible thoughts were formed into executable plans and actions. Someone took what they couldn’t see and turned it into something that could be seen by those who could not see it before. Some people seem to have a gift for doing this. We all have different gifts and abilities, but live separate lives made up of sometimes vastly different experiences. Even when we share similar experiences, our lives are our own and no two are the same. Each of us is unique and therefore we need each other to see the full realm of possibility, not just of all that is, but of all they could be.

When you are given a vision, for every person that may support you in fulfilling that vision, there may be ten, a hundred, or even thousands who may think it impossible. Be careful who you share your dream with, as not all will support it. Even those you thought would be the most excited for you, may turn out to be critics. Don’t get upset or mad at them. Remember, they just cannot “see the vision.” Its up to you to turn your vision into a reality that they can see. Then, who knows, they might become believers!

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