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A Video Store Dream

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“Hey, Mom, can I go to the video store?”

“Sure,” echoed a sarcastic voice from the kitchen.

I thought to myself, well she did say yes, and that was good enough for ten-year-old me. So, off I went on my bicycle. It wasn’t just a video rental store, it had video games too. The whole ride there I thought about what game I would rent. There were so many that I wanted to try. I’m sure I was tired by the time I arrived because it was about four miles from my house. The single speed bike I had then required more effort than say a mountain bike or ten-speed. I got the game I wanted and eagerly peddled back home.

My excitement level was over the brim, ready to try the new game. I was not prepared to find my mother waiting for me with arms crossed, standing in the driveway. Her excitement level far surpassed my own, although I am not sure it was excitement. I must admit, there is a look that only a mother can give. It’s the kind that puts fear in your bones. I was ordered to come over to where she was. When confronting me about where I was, the bag in my hand gave it away.
Immediately I looked for the escape door! I knew I was in trouble. When I informed her that she said I could, she scolded me all the more. Then she snatched the bag with the video game in it.

“But Mom, I already paid the money to rent it.”

“Guess what?” she asked sternly. “You won’t be playing it! Should’ve thought about that before you went out and did something stupid like this. What if you were kidnapped?”

I had no answer for her. At that age, I was not aware of all the terrible things that could have happened on my little adventure.

“Was it worth it?”

“Yes,” I replied in a serious tone. “Yes, it was. I’ve dreamed about this day my whole life.”
After she huffed and puffed, and nearly blew my house down, I was grounded for two weeks. No video games. No bikes. My parents retell that story to this day, and it brings a familiar laugh. Fortunately for me, I’ve pursued much bigger dreams in the years since!

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