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Decorating for Christmas with Music

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After enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with my family, thoughts of decorating entered our minds. We decided the following day to start pulling boxes out of storage and start decorating. Nothing better put us in the mood for decorating than listening to holiday music. There are so many ways to listen to music these days, but it can be cumbersome at times to hook things up, whether hard wired or Bluetooth. My parents were pleasantly surprised to discover my approach to this dilemma.

Last year, a co-worker gifted me a handy, electronic device called an Echo Dot. If you have not tried it out yet, it is definitely worth looking in to. For under $20, this gift really impressed me. Here is a link to where you can get one, While I am not the most tech savvy person, I was easily able to get it hooked up by following the simple instructions and downloading the app on my smart phone. Within minutes, I was able to listen to music for free through the device, which is equipped with its own built-in speaker. Of course, an upgrade is available for a recurring charge in order to listen to a larger selection of music. Beyond music, the capabilities of this product have always been above my knowledge, but I have discovered along the way how useful it is.

On Thanksgiving Day, we used it to set timers for cooking things. But it was the playing of Christmas music that astonished my parents, like a light that went off in their heads. They were confused as to how this small device followed a simple command. I briefly explained that it worked through Wi-Fi and gave users access to lots of free content. Anyhow, the decorating went on for several hours, further ushering in the warm feelings that come with this time of year. When we were resting at the end of the night, I heard the words spoken “I want one”.

I am greatly satisfied with my Echo Dot 3rd Gen but when I looked up what I would get them, I decided to upgrade and buy them the newer generation. Here is a link to the one I got them,, which was the Echo Dot 4th Gen. This one was equally as impressive, yet still came in under $30. My sister helped them hook it up and it was put to use right away. When debating which product to get them, it came down to cost. The higher priced product was shaped differently, which I thought would improve sound performance. At the same time, I am still very pleased with the sound quality from mine. If you have not tried out this product, regardless of which one you pick, I think you will be pleased. For an affordable price, packed with value, it helped spread a little Christmas cheer for my family this year. I hope it can do the same for yours. If you haven’t started decorating yet, what are you waiting for!

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