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For You Brother

Hey there Readers! Today I launched my first video on my new YouTube channel, which is called For You Brother. The name of this channel came with a purpose. For years I’ve dreamed of making videos and there have been many times I’ve toyed with the idea. Nothing ever happened though because I was too nervous and afraid to be in front of a camera. When I took inventory of myself, I saw that I was not picture perfect for the camera. Added to that, my voice was not the booming radio personality type that most people like to listen to. So, what did I have to offer? I could think of at least two things.

First, to offer, is a story. One chilly January morning in 2007 I went to work. It was a day not unlike many others. That all changed when I received a phone call and listened to the sound of sobbing on the other end. The sounds were so terrible I could barely understand the words being spoken. However, three words did stand out clear from my mother when she said, “Your brother is gone.” I spent the following five years figuring out what those three words meant.

The journey was dark and treacherous but along the way I found light, or better said, light found me. In the beginning I put up walls to keep everything out. It hurt so bad; more than anything else I had ever gone through. I simply could not take any more. Every time life rumbled and shook the ground beneath my feet, the walls around me would crack. At first, I tried to patch the cracks in the walls with whatever substance I could find to cover them up. But when the ground quaked once more, the covering proved only to be temporary in nature.

I sat in darkness, with cracks in all the gloomy walls that surrounded me. Every tremor sent more shards falling from the walls, the pieces growing larger with each passing day. Eventually, light got in. Its brilliance and magnificence overwhelmed me, to the point that I hid from it. Yet, it came with warmth I had not felt in ages. I buried so much beneath, for so long, I had not realized there were suddenly cracks in the foundation I stood on. In one of the cracks, the biggest one, was a small seed. How it got there, I was unsure. Nonetheless, it appeared and in the time that passed, the seed grew in the light.

If someone would told me this beautiful thing would have grown right there in that spot, I would have thought it impossible. After all, it had been buried beneath the weight of so much, how could it grow? I never thought it was possible but that never stopped what came next. I watched through the years as that which was planted became something magnificent. The cracks never went away. In fact, it was through the cracks that new life came. The life that was dwelling beneath the surface the whole time was waiting for an opportunity to come into the light.

In the journey that followed, I was charged with two commandments. As I work out the first one, the second one becomes clearer to me. There are many channels out there with various content for everyone. Honestly, there are many things I cannot offer as far as content because they are outside of what I have to give. In contemplation over what else I did have to offer; one thing came to mind that stood out. That second thing is love.

Love is one thing that cannot be bought, and it is one thing that I desire to give to each one of you. I give it freely, not because it is mine to give but because it was first given to me. No matter how hard I try to give it away, it always comes overwhelmingly flooding back. Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you look or sound like, whatever your beliefs, I invite you today to join me in this journey called life where I will share my experiences and things I’ve discovered along the way. My hope is that we can grow together and live a life worth living. We won’t always agree on everything and that’s okay.

When my brother’s life on Earth ended, the world became a darker place. I could not understand why it and many other horrible things happen. I’ve settled on the fact that I may never know on this side of life. But that doesn’t mean I have to quit and settle for existence in the darkness. If you should happen to find yourself in the dark, don’t stay there, especially alone. Wander out until you find somebody who has light to share.

I’d like to take these last moments to dedicate this first video and those that follow on this channel. This is my attempt to shed some light in this world.

For You Brother.

I love and miss you deeply.

Check out the new channel below. Feel free to comment, like, and subscribe to see my future videos. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Take care!


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