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Giving is often a matter of choice. If a person looks for a reason not to give, they will likely find ten. There is no conceivable way to know everyone’s circumstances, let alone their motives. It is understandable that some people, indeed, do not have much to give. But this message is intended more for those fortunate enough to have available resources. When it comes to giving sacrificially, in time giving becomes special to the giver. After paying the price, whatever that is, at least the giver acknowledges the cost.

A common donation for a worthy cause is five dollars. At first glance, a person may look at their resources and state there is not enough to give. However, that same person might have multiple chances throughout the week in which they easily spend five dollars on themselves. An expensive cup of coffee, energy drink, lunch, or even supporting a habit are all opportunities in which the person could make a small sacrifice. They need to take a few moments to observe their own behavior and decisions.

Interestingly enough, they do not have to give up their habit to make the donation. Maybe it requires giving up one beverage or meal or cutting back slightly on consumption of whatever it is. For some people, it comes down to whether they want to consume all of their resources on themselves. If they give away those resources, they understand well that they will no longer have those resources for themselves. It doesn’t have to be about themselves though. They may have good motives, such as using it for a loved one.

If still not convinced, look at any area of abundance in your life and try giving something away. If a parent continually stumbles over the vast array of toys their children refuse to pick up and put away, they could start by giving away some of those toys to children who have no toys at all who would appreciate them more. When we look for a way to give, we will find one. One reason is enough!

Giving becomes something else when your giving is to a complete stranger. In my opinion, giving is one the most successful ways of overcoming selfishness, especially when it is done for strangers. When giving appropriately, the desire to give more can flourish into something beautiful.  Instead of hoping for ways to get out of the act of giving, we will search for ways to give more. When a person’s sacrifice becomes someone else’s gain, something changes on the inside of that person. Words are hard to find that adequately explain, a person has only to try it for themselves. Why not try it today?

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