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Videos posted online have flourished like never before. Browse the comment section of popular channels and it should not take more than a few seconds to find a peculiar message. I rarely post in the comment section of any video. One day, for whatever reason, some of the comments stuck out and caused my eyes to browse a little. I was perplexed at some of what I saw.

As time progressed and I watched more videos, I started noticing similar strange messages but still did not think much about it. Then more content creators began to complain about their comment sections being bombarded by messages about scams. Unfortunately, some people do not know better and are taken advantage of by these scams. It should not be a surprise because that’s what scammers do, take value from others. I never understood how horribly a person feels toward others that they would do this to a fellow human being?

It certainly did not start on the internet, and I can’t imagine it will end there either. Corruption has long been at work in the human heart for thousands of years. People have been scamming and scheming for all kinds of reasons. I do not know how much effort it takes to rip someone off. However, it feels like people work tirelessly to take from others. It makes me stop to think about the alternative.

What if for every person out there trying to take from others, there were ten people trying to figure out a way to give more to others? When a person crosses our path in a unique way, what if we asked how, we could add value to their life? Yes, I suppose if we asked more questions like that, perhaps our thoughts would steer us in better direction. Perhaps there would be a little less need in the world. Perhaps trust among each other would not be lost so easily. Perhaps some of the small voids in our lives would be filled by the love and generosity placed in them by others.

No one likes the terrible things that people do. However, we cannot force people to stop doing whatever it is they do that is wrong. Only they can do that, so it remains outside of our control. Instead, we take what we can control and do something that will push us, and others, forward to a brighter future. Instead of taking value from others, why not add it?

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