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Ungrateful Wretch!

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First off, I use slang all the time, often without knowing the meaning. I searched the online dictionary to find out what a wretch was and thought, yes that perfectly fits as one of the names given to someone who does not appreciate a gift. I hope this is not the case but acknowledge the possibility that recipients may not even be pleased at all with your gift. I know, the nerve, right? Know ahead of time that helping people won’t always make them happy. They may be angry with themselves for needing help in the first place. Perhaps they may resent you for trying to help them.

It is important to be gracious when handling matters of giving. Giving in secret is the best way to allow others to save face, if they are truly in need. When it is an anonymous giver, there is no way to repay the good deed. The pressure to give back is eliminated and hopefully the gift can set them on the right path forward. It also may help them overcome the pride of accepting a gift from someone they know. Without knowing who it was that gave, they can relax knowing that no one will maliciously hold it over them.

Anyone who gives boastfully or reminds a recipient of a gift given is abusing the good nature of giving. There are many things that give pleasure but giving is a way that brings its own unique sense of pleasure that can only be enjoyed to its fullest when done with the truest of intentions. Doing otherwise will spoil the rewards that come from a life of giving. The further down my path of giving, the more I wish to continue on it.

Giving has its advantages and disadvantages, like most things. There is no other path I would have taken, knowing what I know now, except that I would have started sooner. The joy that has filled my heart on so many occasions cannot be touched by any material possession owned, nor can it be obtained by any form of selfish action. I’ve even wondered if it were selfish to give because of the rewards that have come my way, which seem far greater than any gift I gave. But when I stopped to think of how everyone benefits by the act of giving, I realized it was set up this way. There is no need to reinvent a system that works.

Giving returns far more than one can imagine. It will not happen overnight and expecting so is foolish. It is when it becomes a lifestyle that you will see the most difference. Unexpected smiles and gratitude will come. It is my belief that when a person becomes a true giver, they will connect even more to the greatest giver of all time.

We are all born with potential but what we become is largely on us. What will you become? What will you give?

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