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When Pillars Fall

Photo by Rachel Claire on

Part of my enjoyment in visiting cities is observing the massive architectural structures found in them. People get used to seeing pillars in their lives every day and take them for granted. These giants in our lives stand tall, bearing the weight of untold forces, never folding under the pressure. They withstand everything that works against them, yet do not move from their position. They represent stability with grace and fortitude.

Hopefully you are not thinking about giant structures though while reading this but people in your life who represent these pillars by the way they live. For many it is a father or mother, who work tirelessly to care for their loved ones. Perhaps it is a spouse who gives devotion. However, pillars are not bound only by family ties. Leaders stand among us in the communities, jobs, and other organizations. An older man or woman could set the highest example for the younger generation. These pillars embody the much-needed support system we need in our lives.

Yet a day comes when pillars fall. They stood the test of time for so long. For years they supported the weight of a load so that others would not have to. Despite feeling vast amounts of pressure, they stood strong. Eventually the pressure gave way to cracks, yet they remained, sometimes for years. Unwilling to give up, they held out for as long as they could until they could bear no more.

When pillars fall, they create a monstrous thud, the magnitude of their strength revealed most the moment the ground shakes. Everyone around becomes unstable. Never before could it be understood how much these pillars held. The surrounding structures shifted under the weight of a new load, having to adjust and provide enough support to keep all from collapsing around them.

Surprisingly, another pillar steps into the gap, continuing the legacy of the former, holding up everyone and everything surrounding it. With a newfound sense of duty, the new pillar adjusts into an unfamiliar role. In times of unbearable pressure, it would do well to remember how the former pillar remained strong and steadfast. A sense of duty kept it firmly planted at its base, never losing ground, never giving in. No one asks to become a pillar in life. In fact, many are not; however, some could be.

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