Love Self

Light My Path

When all you know is darkness, it’s hard to grasp the concept of light. Perhaps you’ve seen light, but it’s been so long that the memory was forgotten. Instead, you wander around aimlessly, stumbling and stubbing your pinky toe on the many objects in your path. Yes, the smallest toe, the one that hurts the most when you accidentally kick something. It would be great to see anything at all. At least then you might be able to avoid some of the hardships that lie ahead.
When darkness is your norm, there may not be a temptation to leave it. After all, as miserable as it is, at least it’s familiar. But what kind of reasoning is that? Sure, we can adapt to many things, but should we? Adapting to darkness is not the answer. It is an endless pit of despair, never satisfied. Why yield to such a thing?

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