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One of These Days

Do you ever find yourself saying “one of these days, im going to… ” If you continue putting things off, amazing opportunities will be missed. Take advantage while they are available because most doors will not stay open forever. Here are a few things to consider.

Don’t wait for perfect timing. This is one of the common robbers of opportunity. You may be waiting on the stars to align in orbit, but guess what, no one else is. Someone hungrier for it than you will seize the moment. Don’t wait until things work out before taking initiative to do something. Be the first to make things right between you and someone you’re arguing with. Even if they do not come around, at least you can live with the peace that you tried to make things right. Today is one of these days. Take action now to bring about a desired outcome. Even if you cannot finish, just go! Do something! You can find hundreds of reasons not to, but it is much easier to find just one reason to start.

I would say it is often your choice as to what happens in your life but that is not necessarily the case. Some opportunities are lost because appropriate action was not taken. Don’t lose out on the amazing things in life waiting for one of these days. Take advantage of everyday to create the life you desire.

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  1. For someone who doesn’t talk much, you’re a really great writer! Life is way too short to stay angry at people, especially family. We are meant to be together and enjoy the family circle into which God placed us. Excellent article!


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