Love Self

“Now” People

This world needs more “now people”. When an authority figure asks you to do something, when does it get done? Right away? Or do you dread doing the task and delay starting as long as possible? Why wait? Do it now! (Let every mother say amen!)

Be a yes person who does not wallow around when asked to complete a task. One who does not complain that a task is beneath them. One who, even if unsure of their ability to perform the task, puts forth an honest effort without fear of failure. When asked to do something, their answer is “Yes ma’am or yes sir!”

Employers search diligently for employees like this. Not ones who stumble around, asking ten questions before ever starting. A way exists. Find it. This does not mean we should say yes to everything. But when it comes to work assignments that need completed, it takes pressure of your boss when you help out beyond what is expected. That is giving value to a company that will not go unnoticed for long. The more value you provide, the more valuable of a resource you are to them.

Complete each task with a good attitude. Don’t make the person who asked you regret asking. No one likes to hastle you to get something done. Their time is just as valuable to them as yours is to you. Don’t make them waste it by having to constantly nag you.

“Now” people get things done. They don’t waste time messing around. Employers crave this type of behavior. These people are sought after. When your manager turns around, there you stand to greet them with a job well done. How pleasing would that be to them? To top it off, there was no fussing. Are you kidding me…? Where can they find more people like this?

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