Love People



Think about the last time you were offended because of someone. Perhaps they said something to you that hurt your feelings. Or maybe it was a bad business deal and you were jipped. Chances are, the offender has long since moved on. Meanwhile you are still thinking about it. Becoming offended is like getting stuck in a trap. The other person moves on but you stay behind getting angry over time.

Are stuck in a trap? Get unstuck! Maybe you can look at it from an outside perspective. Has enough time passed and you are still unable to move on? Decide what amount of time in the trap enough for you. Challenge yourself to then let go of the offense.

Forgive them. Are you still angry with someone? If someone has wronged you, it may be hard to move on for you, but ultimately you need to try for your own sake. Forgiveness may not be deserved on the offenders part, but it’s a gift for the offended. It frees them from carrying the burden of unforgiveness.

Be alert. Don’t waste your whole life always being angry with everyone who offends you. It’s not worth it. Life is precious. Spend it dwelling on the good things, not the offenses. The easier we let go of offenses, the simpler life will be. Even when all evidence says you are justified in being offended, trust that God will make things right and let it go.

Watch out for traps. They are easily hidden and if you’re not careful, you will walk into one. Meanwhile, the other person may live out their entire life without ever thinking of you again. Use your time and energy wisely. Move on!

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