Love People

A Word of Caution


What if every word you said came to pass today in your life? Would you be happy or freaked out? Words are usually taken for granted. We hear so many words throughout any given day that we tend not pay attention to them. But words have weight.

Rather than talking, listen to others around you. Listen to the words they say. Hear them. We know the meaning of the words but rarely stop to think about them. Our words are used to communicate. What is everyone trying to say when you listen?

Listen to how you talk to yourself. We are all guilty of self-deprecating humor at some point. It is supposed to bring laughs, but at what cost? Before you start to insult yourself, change out Grandma in place of your own name. For example, “Oh Grandma, you are so stupid. You never get anything.” This should put into context how badly you’re talking to yourself. If someone were to talk this way to your sweet Grandma, you would let them know quickly while pulling your earrings off, “Don’t mess with my Grandma!”

Recognize the importance of the words you speak because they have power. Words have power to build up or tear down. This is a habit to acquire over time because it is so tempting to fall back and let your words work against you.

Are your words creating the life you desire? If not, it’s time for a change. Change your words; change your life!

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