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Where You Finish


It’s not where you start but where you finish that counts. Many people show up at the starting line. But at the end of a long race, few are at the finish line.  Through all the agony and suffering, these are those who refuse to quit. At the start of any race, crowds of people surround the runners and cheer them on. But over time, many will have left the sidelines to go entertain themselves elsewhere. People see the struggle, but sit on the sidelines unsure what to do. Therefore they think there is nothing they can do. After all, it’s your struggle, right? Not theirs. Unfortunately , far too often this is the mindset.

Know that lots of people may leave your sidelines. You might have to endure a difficult part of the race without their support. This is when you will have to cheer yourself on. Don’t be hard on them. They may not honestly not know how to help. Forgive them anyway. Learn how to be your biggest supporter.

When you’re the one on the sidelines, even if you do not know what to say, cheer anyway. Sometimes knowing that someone cares is enough to keep one another going. There are moments in our lives when we feel alone and that not a single person on this Earth that cares. If you see someone in a moment like that prove them wrong. Tell them how much you care. Even better show them. Let your actions speak louder than your words.

Don’t focus on where you started. That part of the race is already over. Use all your energy on where your are going. There will be many times you want to quit. Hold on. In spite of the obstacles and challenges along the way, overcome. Don’t like where you started? Forget about it. Where are you going to finish? Press on my friend.

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