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Is That All?


When you only have a little, it’s tempting not to do anything with it. Let’s say you are thinking about starting to save for retirement and you make a hundred dollars a week. When looking at what percent to give, you decide on ten percent and set it aside. It’s tempting to say, well it’s only ten dollars. It’s hardly worth much so I may as well spend it.

Don’t fall into the trap of “it’s only this much”. Small amounts can lead to plenty over time. Look at the farming industry. They take a small bag of seeds and eventually turn it into a huge crop that can feed numerous people.

Over time, the amounts saved will grow. Typically, income goes up with the more experience and skills a person has. Years later, that ten may grow to fifty dollars a week. During all the years of waiting, be faithful and keep putting in. This will develop critical habits which will carry you to where you want to be later.

The exciting part about investing in stocks and mutul  funds is when it starts gaining in value through the interest accumulated. Your money will begin to work for you. It will be like having your own employees, whose only job is to make you more money. The best part is checking your statements and watching it grow. It’s very similar to that feeling you get the first time you get a paid vacation day. A feeling of wonder comes over you as you contemplate getting paid for the day while you are out having fun!

Diligently handle the small amounts and when the larger amounts come, you will already be prepared to manage them wisely to create the future you desire.

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