Love Self

Faithful in Little


When the amounts are small, people are tempted to be ungrateful. Don’t despise what you have, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Be content with it, not in the sense that it’s all you will ever have, but just that it is what you have right now. Take good care of it. Have you ever given someone a gift and they mistreated it? How did that make you feel? Be a good steward of everything you have, whether it be things or relationships.

Do not wait until you get something better. Let’s say someone has an older car. They may think, well this old clunker isn’t worth much, so why take care of it. Wrong! Clean that junk out of the back. Shine it up. Take care of exactly what it is you have, regardless of how little value it may seem.

Sure, you may not be able to make it look new no matter how hard you try. But at least make it look nice by organizing and cleaning it. I do not understand why but it will make you feel better. A secondary benefit will be a less cluttered mind. When everything around you is in disarray, typically your mind will be also.

We are all creatures of habit. Creating good habits will help your things last longer. The temptation is to let things go by procrastinating. By allowing this behavior, everything will be subjected to more extreme conditions. Just look at the car at the beginning. This type of damage did not happen overnight. Still finding it hard to believe? Look at an abandoned house. All kinds of things can happen that degrade the value of the house. If the lawn is not maintained, pests of all kinds may move in – mice, insects, snakes, etc. Mice can eat up the wiring. Termite infestations can destroy the integrity of the building. Weeds and vines grow all over the house and seemingly take over.

It’s a terrible kind of amazing what can happen when we don’t take care of our business. So handle your business! Be faithful in what you have now and you will be prepared for the day when better things come your way.

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