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Weary in Well Doing, part 6

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One of the greatest examples of becoming weary in well doing for me was demonstrated by the life of my mother. For years she has demonstrated a commitment to our family unlike anything else I’ve ever witnessed. I have seen firsthand how it has taken its toll on her and watched as the stress mounted from dealing with all there was to deal with.

I watched her over the years as she cared for her grandmother, her mother in law, and her mother until their passing. I watched her take care of my father throughout the years after his multiple strokes and heart attacks. At the same time in this later stage of life, I watched as she struggled to raise teenage children who had great difficulty coping with the struggles in their lives.

I know she has grown weary in well doing because she has told me numerous times how tired she is. I tried to encourage her as best as I could over the years. Taking care of those we love can be extremely difficult due to the physical, mental, and emotional stress it takes on us. It seems when the pressure is high, we want to give up. Our heart wants to give in and not care any longer because the pain is so severe. But at other times it isn’t the pressure but a relentless process that wears us down, the way water wears down a rock.

If she were to ever look back and reflect on what all she has done for those she loves, I am confident there would not be one ounce of regret, wondering if she could have done more. I genuinely believe she gave us everything she had to give and to this day continues to do so. In return for her efforts, you would think she reaped great benefits. However, I know this wasn’t always the case. In fact, there were many times that she reaped suffering and heartache. Yet repeatedly I watch her push past the pain and continue to do what others might not be willing to do. It feels like if there ever will be rewards given in Heaven for caring for others, she will surely receive one of them. As one who personally has reaped the benefits of her love, I will be forever be grateful. During the years of her weariness in well doing, she persevered through it all. The example she set leaves one thought in my mind, the legacy she will one day leave behind!

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