Love People

Weary in Well Doing, part 7

Do you want to see this world become a better place? Don’t just fight to change the world, fight to love it. It’s a fight because in the process of trying to save it you risk losing yourself. Going down this path can cause you to grow to hate what it was you loved in the first place. But when you fight to love it, despite its ugliness, blemishes, and flaws, you and the world are changed because of that love. People are on separate, yet intertwined journeys. As such, they are likely in different places in their lives as you may be in yours. Be patient with them no matter what category they fall into.

It is understandable that you may want the best for someone else, but they must want it for themselves. Regardless of their choice, respect their right to choose. After all, we’ve been given free will to make decisions and do not wish for our choices to be taken away from us. Don’t look down on them if their decision doesn’t side with your objectives. I know this part seems impossible because other people’s decisions can have a significant impact on our own lives.

When you first start out seeking to do good, there will be many situations in which you won’t have a clue as to what to do. Stop trying to figure everything out ahead of time. Sometimes showing up is the biggest part of the battle. From there, you will figure out what to do next along the way. Always remember what you are fighting for. Sadly, there won’t always be recognition nor appreciation for your efforts. Your search for how to make a difference should never be based on glorifying yourself on a platform. If it is, then you will receive your reward, the praise of humanity. History has taught us that with praise also comes being despised. People may, in fact, turn on you. The moment the people praising you stop; a void begins to grow in your heart.

Even expecting the other to be thankful is at times folly. It helps to energize you, to know you are making a difference. The positive feedback can inspire you to keep going. This is particularly good when you feel like your tank is running on low. However, my challenge to you is to you stretch yourself. You may find an amazing thing happens when no one is around looking to see what you did; it’s just you. You look in the mirror and know that it was your character that brought about the results and not the expectations of gratitude, flattery, or praise.

Developing your character in such a way will enable you to endure when you simply have nothing to go on. You go on because that’s who you are! It’s what you do! Let everyone else quit and admit defeat, but not you. When you become exhausted, and still push forward despite the way you feel, it will do something inside you. What, you might ask, is for you to discover because words simply will not do it justice. It lies just beyond the point of being weary in well doing. Find out for yourself!


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