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A Wasted Wish

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Most of us have made wishes once upon a time. The reason many of these requests are wishes is because we genuinely do not believe they will ever come true for us. Perhaps if some force outside of ourselves were to make them happen, then we would believe. But sadly, the moment these wishes would leave our lips, they are carried away and trapped in the heavens.

In comparing ourselves with others, one area in which we focus our thoughts is on what they have that we do not. Instead of being grateful for what we have, there is an intense focus on how our life would be better if we had what they did. If we had their money, good looks, or brains… then we would make something of ourselves. Obviously, the trouble with this thinking is that it leads to us never being fulfilled. We will always find someone better looking or more intelligent. Riches one day is never a guarantee the next. Health challenges can arise, seemingly out of nowhere.

Something awful happens when we witness the misfortune of another person. Without intention, it’s as if we somehow elevate ourselves above them. We pity them and the side effect is that it makes us feel better, knowing our circumstances are not nearly as bad as theirs. In fact, where you are at in life may well be what someone else is wishing for. Single people often wish they were married. Some married wish they were single. Sick people wish they had better health. Poor people wish they had more money. There are rich people that wish they had peace of mind.

I often wonder if the truth is, we will never be satisfied until we are satisfied. We wrestle with our state of mind on a continual basis, always wanting more from life. More love. More health. More money. It seems there is always something we want. In some way, that isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. But is the secret of contentment finding the fine line between striving for more, yet always being grateful for what we have?

If there is even the smallest possibility you have what someone else is wishing for, then try to honor them but not letting it become a wasted wish. That is not to say transfer that wish to them, as you do not have that kind of power. The sad thing is the person who wished may never receive what they are wishing for. But show them respect by not wasting the very thing they are wishing for, that you already possess. Take inventory of your life and be grateful for what you have. Use your talents to the best of your ability. Use your intellect and generosity to create a better world around you. Take care of your health. Do not be a person that stubbornly holds tightly to the lid on the jar of wishes.

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