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Effort in Dating

For singles living in the dating world, it should be all too familiar to put your best effort into what you are presenting to potential partners. I say should because many people do not. Dating can be one of the most exhilarating and also worst things ever, depending on which side of the pendulum you find yourself. As such, if you find yourself being depleted of your soul, it is tempting to let more things slide. After all, it seems like it is just not worth it, right?

People spend hours working on a resume for a job they are interested in. They write, read what they wrote, and go back to make changes. Repeatedly this process is followed until they arrive at the perfect looking resume. A job may last a year, possibly more depending on what it is. However, when looking for a partner, hopefully to spend the rest of your life with, how much effort is put into it?

Without knowing whether the right person is going to show up, it’s easy to avoid putting in the effort up front. If they don’t show up, why bother exercising and trying to be fit? Why spend time working on your career and life goals if there is no one to share them with? A person can find several reasons why they should do all these things but they only need one good reason. They need to realize that if the right person never comes along, they should still do all these things for themselves.

It shouldn’t be about doing them for the other person. It should be about doing them for you because you deserve the best there is. You deserve to be happy and feel great about yourself. Who knows, if you do these things, the right person may come along. Guess how they find you? READY! Not a condemned construction project, with warning signs not to come near!

They may take notice to all the great things you have going for yourself and take time to get to know you more. Most of all, they don’t find half a person when they meet you. They find a whole you. Most partners are not looking for a complete overhaul of a potential mate because that would take too much energy. But if a large portion of the work already seems complete, they are less likely to overlook the other person.

If that special someone comes along, what will they get if they get you? If there are some things within your power to change, think hard about making those changes before you ever meet that person. No matter who we are, we all need work in some area. It shouldn’t be up to our potential partner to fix us, we should already have that under control before we meet them. Take the necessary and appropriate actions so you’ll be ready by the time they arrive in your life.

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