Love People

Givers and Takers

We all start out with a blank slate. It is natural to take. From the moment we are conceived, we took from our father and mother. From then on, our mother supplied us with the necessary nutrition. For nine months she gives of herself. It continues even after we are born. For a long time, we are dependent on our parents for nearly everything, which makes things forcefully one sided. Eventually we take baby steps in our efforts to give back. It starts with a smile so those around us can experience joy and share in our laughter.

We are often showered with gifts, having done nothing to have earned them. It is simply a reflection of others’ love and care for us. At first, things are wonderful and we bask in the glory of it all. But sooner or later, we are sat next to another child. What happens when you want what they have? What happens when they take what is yours? Most likely the answer is an outraged child, filled with fires of fury.

Our initial reaction is usually selfish. We want what we want. If we give what we have to another, it means we no longer have it for ourself. There is no guarantee you will ever get another and thus it becomes difficult to give it away. It is the behavior opposite to this must be taught. Our lives should be balanced so that we both give and take. It would be unfortunate if the giving side to us was compromised and replaced with a second taking side. That would leave your blank slate still empty when it should be filled with everything you have given back in life. Most people begin to resent people who only take from others and never give anything in return.

At that point, they start to recognize this type of behavior has a lot in common with a leech. Leeches are parasitic worms that never give anything back. They only take. This may be how a leech operates but humanity was created for a higher purpose and destiny. Whenever we do anything less than this, our hearts will never be satisfied. Deep inside, although it is silenced, a voice cries out from the deep. Something within us yearns to become more. Refuse to simply take from others. You’ve got something to give, find out what it is and start giving!

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