Love Self

The Hard Face of Truth

People know what is good for them, they just don’t always do it. People know what is bad for them, yet they do it anyway. All we need is a strong enough reason to change our behavior. However, rather than find it, we find a dozen reasons not to change. It’s not only about finding a reason because even when we find one, we must have the discipline to see it through. Reasons and disciplines are key factors in changing lives; the lack thereof will yield less than desirable results.

What is it that makes us despise truth? I think a major reason is because it challenges our belief system. Most people don’t like to have their beliefs challenged because if something stronger does prove worthy, it means they’ve been believing in something that was either a lie or only partially true. It makes us feel foolish, which in turn, makes us angered by the feeling of betrayal.

The truth, however, does not care what we think about it or how it makes us feel. No matter how people try to dress it up, cover it, or disregard it – it remains. We can pretend the truth is something else altogether but that won’t make it go away. Maybe it is time to face the truth about things and about people. Once we have accepted the truth for what it is, we can better prepare ourselves on how to deal with it.

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