Love People

The Right Time

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If you are kind to someone, you may never know the effect it has. It is possible that it may have no impact whatsoever. But to be fair, one must take into consideration that it may be the exact thing needed to help another person change direction. At these turning points, which occur at a specific time and location, lives begin to change for the better. It has to start somewhere.

We often think our impact has to be some huge thing that totally alters the course of human history in order for it to make a difference. We expect to have great revelation come to us with which we can share. How about simplifying it? If it were just you by yourself, it might take something of grand proportions to make a difference. But you are not alone. The world is filled with many compassionate people.

When our efforts interlock with one another, it can bring a sweeping change over our communities. The trick is, it does require that enough people work harmoniously together. When they do, it will generate a much bigger impact. It can start with something as easy as a smile. The one who receives the smile may hold the door open for someone. The generosity continues to trickle down through multiple channels and becomes widespread. Even though negativity spreads quickly, so can positivity.

For all this to work, it requires us to be in the right place at the right time. These are times when we must be the thing that prompts a turn in another person’s life, for the better. The trick is you won’t know where the right place is, nor when the right time is. That’s why the right place is right where you are now and the right time, is all the time!

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