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The Hope of Love

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Something expectant mothers go through is the potential love that will emanate from that tiny human forming inside them. It’s truly remarkable how the creation of a human being works. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee for the child or the mother. They say a mother’s love is unique in many ways. I suppose when you have a person being formed inside your body, growing through nutrition provided by the mother, that would bring them very close to one another.

Day by day, the child grows from a small seed joined with an egg, into a living, thriving human lifeform. As mentioned, there is no guarantee made to the mother. Her child may despise her from the beginning, but that is unlikely. Even if she was convinced that this would be true, she still could hold on to a chance for love.

The child has the choice to say no to her love and utterly reject it. Doing such would likely bring devastation to her. Most mothers have the sincerest desire to have relationships with their children. Why risk having children in the first place if there is a chance that they will not reciprocate love back? When this chance for love is so strong, it cannot be ignored. Its value is so immense and so immeasurable that it must be considered. With all her heart, a mother hopes to receive that love, freely demonstrated back to her.

There will no doubt be heartache, suffering, and pain that she must endure through the long and tiring process. It doesn’t stop after the child is born but continues as the child is raised into an adult. Even when she feels that love missing in her adult child, she will keep returning to a single point called love because even the chance of love is worth its weight in gold.

So, why create a life that may choose to never reciprocate your love or even worse, come to despise you? As a creator of life, could the answer be…  for the hope of love?

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