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You’ll be Sorry

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What are you waiting for, an apology? If someone has wronged you, it may not have been intentional. Even if it was, how long will you wait to hear them admit they were wrong? Are you prepared to wait a lifetime? Might want to consider because it might just take that long. People don’t like to admit when they were wrong.

Are you waiting for things to be made right between you and another person? That chance may never arrive, unless of course you are the first to initiate the process. Seldom is the entire blame solely on one person. It may feel that way, but it is usually not true. Perhaps acknowledging the wrong you have done to the other may get them to start considering the error of their own ways.

It may feel like you are punishing them by holding forgiveness from them. But anytime you withhold forgiveness from another person, it means you expecting others not to forgive you. While there is a selfish little pleasure in holding on, the truth is the other person may not even be thinking about what happened. For all we know, it could be the furthest thing from their mind.

Imagine spending years dwelling on something, refusing to give in. Meanwhile, the other person never thinks about it again. Sometimes enough time passes that we cannot even remember what our problem with the other person is. Some people hold on their entire lives to chains that keep them bound to whatever wrong came their way. There they are spending life dragging around a burden while the one who wronged them prances through life without a care. In the end, if you are the one who never forgives, you’ll be the one who is sorry, not them. You deserve to move on from whatever happened in the past. Leave those mental chains behind, where they belong. Forgive and live free!

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