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Compete with Me

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Most people enjoy competition because it adds to the thrill of a game. Whenever two sides are not comparatively equal, it no longer seems like competition, especially when one side is dominating the other. It takes away uncertainty from the game, indicating who is likely going to win. However, when two powerful opponents are put against each other, whether it be one player or a team, the thrill of competition thrives. It can be anybody’s game, which leaves us sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see who will win.

If a person has raw talent and ability, unparalleled to any other, it doesn’t feel as competitive for them. Bragging rights do not mean as much to a person or team when it did not take much to win. However, the taste of victory is ever sweeter when it had to be earned. If you are getting to that level of success, it might be time to move on to another kind of competition.

If you ever rest on your laurels after winning, you know that if you stay resting, you will not stay on that level for long. Without continuing to do what you did to get there; you will lose your edge. Once a person reaches an elevated level of success, they are already used to winning. Although, I bet they had their fair share of losses along the way too.

In some ways, the best competition is with yourself. When people turn the competition on themselves, they have to reach higher and farther each time than they did before. It doesn’t have to revolve around winning a game either. It can become about winning in life, such as career and family. You are with yourself every second of the day and therefore can compete with yourself in all areas of life. Chances are, if you slide in one area, you will be tempted to slide in others also. But if you work hard to do better than the time before, you will continue to enjoy the thrill of competition wherever you go, in whatever you do.

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